Atmospheric Water Generating Systems

The following Atmospheric Water Generating Systems illustrate the ingenuity people are using to capture water around the world. Hopefully, the videos and written descriptions found below serve as an inspiration to make the most of harnessing the water in the atmosphere, on the leaves first thing in the morning and other clever steps. Every drop counts when you are in need, so more power to those serving communities everywhere.

Attn Video: Capturing Fog Water by Erecting Nets, (credits to CloudFisher® and Aqualonis)

Fog Water is a passive process to generate water from the atmosphere and it is completely sustainable. Once the huge netting system is installed, it requires very little to operate. The mesh collects the water droplets as they blow past it because of the wind. The fog droplets are collected in a reservoir up the mountain, the water flows down to the communities below through gravity. This simple and eco-friendly method is used for both drinking water and hydrating farmland.

Ingenious! New membrane to make fresh water

“Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and their collaborators have developed a new membrane, whose structure was inspired by a protein from algae, for electrodialysis that could be used to provide fresh water for farming and energy production. …

The team thought incorporating the tiny molecule phenylalanine into an electrodialysis membrane might make it easier to separate positively charged ions from water during electrodialysis.”

Interesting Engineering: Robot transforms humid air into drinking water in arid areas 

Mechatronics engineer, Mamoud Elkoumy has come up with the ‘ELU’, which captures humid air, compresses, filters, and enhances it to create drinkable water. It uses polymers to produce lots of water with minimal energy and is backed by Artificial Intelligence.

The robot needs just 15% humidity in which to operate. Currently, it can produce four cups of water a day for just two cents, far below the cost of most other methods, opening up the possibility to help many parts of the world and Mars. Mamoud says he can build larger versions of this robotic system, capable of serving areas in need of such a device.

SOURCE Water (

This company has also created a renewable Atmospheric Water Generating System. They are producing drinking water from sunlight and air via Hydropanels on or near a residence, with flexible piping to deliver a reserve of drinking water directly to a water tap or fridge dispenser. Each Hydropanel requires a minimum of 6’x10′ of clear, southeast-facing space able to support 340 lbs.

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Watergenics‘ – ‘Clean water and power solutions’ have developed a Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generation (HAWGen)