Cleaning our Water

Reducing the amount of plastic, debris, ghost netting, chemicals, and toxins that end up in our water systems is essential right now which means cleaning our water must be done on a personal, community, national, and global level to address this critical problem.

If we can do our part on a personal level by not using harsh chemicals for cleaning, we will not only protect ourselves from the toxins, but the water and all that live in it, to which we will turn for a source of drinking water. A small step forward is using vinegar and baking soda over harsh chemicals when cleaning or other alternatives out there for cleaning our homes. Pinterest page on water offers more tips to find inspiration for running your home on a greener basis as well as information on what we are facing on an environmental level.  Find hundreds of posts regarding what people are sharing on issues challenges and innovative solutions, including solving the problem of cleaning our water and distributing freshwater on Managing Earth’s Facebook page.

Cleaning Up our OceansVisit to read up on the details of their solution for capturing large amounts of floating plastic and debris driven by current and removing it to help with cleaning our water.

More on the Ocean Clean Up

Bright Vibes Video: Explaining the process of removing plastic from the waters of the world

The ‘Seawer’- The Garbage-Seacraper is designed to rid the water of debris.  It garnered Honorable Mention for Sung Jin Cho from South Korea at the 2014 Evolo Skyscraper Competition.

Ocean Confetti, the challenge of micro-plastics by

Converting Plastic to Fuel

Plastics that are not readily recyclable -#3(pvc), #4(ldpe), #5(pp), #6(ps), #7 (other)– People monitoring the reefs to help protect them.

IADYS: Their Jellyfishbot is a multi-purpose solution for the collection of waste and hydrocarbons on the surface of water bodies

Eco alternatives to putting chemicals down the drain: DIY Craft Zone’s Article – Your Ultimate Guide For Fabric Stain Removal (In One Simple Chart)

Interesting Engineering: Australian City Uses Drainage Nets to Stop Waste from Polluting Waterways

Introduction to Water Quality

Canada’s Ocean Protection Plan

’10 Things you can do to Save the Ocean’ by National Geographic

We support and applaud the work being done by 4Ocean and hope many more similar groups begin with the people as this one did.  Check out the 4ocean Facebook page to see the great work they are doing. and watch their video on Cleaning our Water


Indiegogo Video: Water Master Dredgers