Water Energy

Water Energy can be derived by harnessing and employing the power of Tides, Waves, Currents, Thermal Gradient, and Salinity in a relatively eco-friendly manner. We are most impressed with those sourcing the energy of water from do-it-yourself wheels accessing the flow of water in a small stream to major companies taking advantage of the enormous power of the oceans on its surface and below through currents, and kinetic motion.

We all know hydroelectric power generation and traditional watermills have been used for years, and now the field is exploding into a variety of new technologies.

The potential for using Marine Renewable Energy abounds throughout the world, and this site displays some interesting links and resources to assist in better understanding the various applications and results.

Also find listed below, projects, companies, and organizations making breakthroughs in logistics and technology, and helping countries throughout the world harness the energy water can generate. We see this field growing by leaps and bounds and are pleased to provide information on the innovations to inspire all.

Mashable’s Video: Sea Wave Energy Limited has developed the ‘Waveline Magnet’, a low-cost, eco-friendly energy source that uses a spine-shaped floating device to convert wave power into electricity.

Live Science – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion“… (uses) the temperature differences between surface water heated by the sun and water in the ocean’s chilly depths to generate electricity.”

BYJU’s Tidal Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Student Energy Video: Tidal Power 101

SmithsonianMag offers 7 Unexpected Ways We Can Get Energy From Water

Inceptive Mind Video: Flexible, seaweed-like generator for harvesting wave energy

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