Flood Defense

Flood Defense is needed now and will be needed even more in the future. Floods have increased in many parts of the world and more are coming.  It is just a matter of time. See Science Nature’s video on ‘Melting Ice Sheets Are Accelerating Sea Level Rise’ It is so much better to spend funds invested in Flood Defense than to spend funds to clean up the out-of-control damage and clean-up. We need to act now!

Ways to stave off flooding:

  • Planting Vegetation retains extra water on land, and also anchors the soil, helping prevent mudslides. More care should be taken when deforesting with landslides in mind.
  • Planting mangroves on vulnerable shorelines helps break the surge of water as it hits land.
  • Terracing hillsides help slow down the flow of water.
  • Build more channels and reservoirs to take the overflow of water.
  • Of course, build and maintain levees in established areas, but we need to be realistic about respecting the water’s path and stop trying to contain levees and dams in new areas.  With the increase in water and earthquakes, these become more likely to fail.Flood Defense
  • City Planners, Mayors, and Private Builders need to come to terms with the fact that they have to stop building close to the shores. Those living on the shorelines will have to be relocated, including their homes, so they don’t break apart in the oceans and rivers and pollute to waters. Erosion is upon us all over the world. We best prepare fast.
  • Build more breakwaters out of rock and/or cement, old ships, etc. on shorelines to brace for the inevitable.
  • The new technology in floodgates, barriers, and doors needs to be implemented in more places around the world.
  • Individual homes can implement rain barrels and containers to hold water during heavy rains.  Every little bit helps!
  • Pay attention to history.  If an area floods once, it will most likely flood again and again.  Accept the facts and relocate rather than repair and rebuild.

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